October 2023 Product Release Preview

Erin Westover
Erin Westover
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From planning the work to getting your people paid, Assignar helps make it happen.

Here's where our newest releases come in:


Plan (The Scheduler)

Our upcoming releases in the Scheduler help you find jobs, people, and equipment faster.

Scheduler - Showing workers hours.png


We're consolidating the search, sort, filter and group functions on the Timeline view. You'll be able to filter what you see on the Timeline by workers or equipment and easily search for the right worker or asset on the roster.


Execute (Time Tracking) 

Get greater visibility into costs with the new Pay Types capability.

Weekly Hours (3).png

A new pay type will be triggered automatically when your workers meet a certain amount of hours based on the rules you set. Get more accuracy into timesheets with less work, and export the results directly into your ERP and accounting systems.


Check (Analyze)

Data Share Feature.png

We're creating a solution that lets you choose what Assignar data you want to share with stakeholders when you want to share it. Provide access to this data you collect through a link that will open in a browser or BI tools like Tableau. Want to try it out? Sign up.


Pay / Get Paid (Integrations)

Group 181 (2).png

We're releasing the newest addition to our Integrations Hub: Quickbooks Online! We're also extending Xero support to our New Zealand customers, as well as support for Overtime Rules to our Xero customers.



The new Assignar Login allows for a single verified user to access multiple tenants, dashboard, and mobile (e.g. Fieldworker and Dashboard). Your email becomes your login, no matter what you're logging into. 

We're also adding Multi-Factor Authentication, another layer of security for you. 


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