Export Timesheets to CSV

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Who this feature is for

  • Those set up as a Dashboard User with access to Web Timesheets in the Assignar Web App.
  • Those required to export Timesheet data from Assignar.
  • Only users with Manage Payroll user access can view the Weekly tab.


You can export your Worker's Timesheet data to a CSV file to import into your ERP or Payroll solution, or for data analysis.


We've got multiple CSV templates to choose from


How to export Weekly Timesheets to CSV

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  1. From the Weekly tab
  2. Select the week you want to export using our date picker
  3. Click Export
  4. Select export template
  5. The timesheets will then be exported into a CSV file into your computer/laptop, which you can then use to import into your Payroll system.


Alternatively, you can also export Daily Timesheets

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If you need to export Timesheets with Overtime hours, we recommend to use the Weekly method above.

  1. First, filter the Timesheets you want exported using our filters and search bar (all of the timesheets you can see on this page will be exported).
  2. Click Export
  3. The timesheets will then be exported into a CSV file into your computer/laptop. 


Can I still use Insights?

If you’re currently using a custom payroll export setup with Insights, you can continue to use that to manage your payroll processes. However, just note that our Overtime Rules page is currently not compatible with Insights. We strongly encourage you to manage Payroll using our Overtime Rules page in conjunction with our Web Timesheets page as its easy to set up and easier to use!

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