Delete a Site Diary from Web App

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Who this feature is for

  • Those set up as a Dashboard User with access to Site Diary in the Assignar Web App.
  • Those responsible of reviewing Site Diaries, reviewing progress, budgets etc.

You can delete a Site Diary from the Web App.


Did you know? Supervisors can also delete their Site Diary themselves from the Assignar Mobile App. Learn more.


Some important notes

  • You can delete any Site Diary, regardless of its status or who created it.
  • Any Timesheet that was created by the Supervisor in Mobile Site Diary will also be deleted.
  • If the Timesheet was created by the Worker, their Timesheet will remain in the system.
  • You will not be able to delete a Site Diary, if any timesheet on the Site Diary has either been Approved OR Processed. You'll need to unapprove the Timesheet first, then try to delete again.

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