January 2024 Product Release

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Submit Time From Anywhere 

We're kicking the year off with features that make submitting time without signal possible and 

schedule changes faster. Plus, get more detailed job site data through our integrations. 

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New Time Tracking Features 

Offline Mode is Here!


Have jobs that take workers to remote places? Now, they can check in and out, create timesheets, and submit time without signal. 

Whether you are completely offline in an area without cell coverage, or every now and then you lose signal, you can still submit time. The data will sync with the server as soon as there's signal. 

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Autofilled Breaks in Timesheets 

Auto Breaks.png

Do your workers sometimes forget to clock their breaks? With the new autofilled break capability, they can fill out their time in fewer taps, so you can rest assured you're staying compliant.

Fill out timesheets even quicker with this new feature. Learn how to set it up here


Timesheet Attestation 

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Reduce the risk of liability and incorrect timesheet data with Timesheet Attestation! This new feature in the Daily Log allows workers to attest that their timesheet is accurate and true before they sign and submit.  


Print Option for Weekly Timesheets 


Now you can print off timesheets from the Weekly Timesheet Review page to send to teams for payroll and record-keeping. See all the details, including break times and overtime hours (if configured). 


New Scheduling Features 

Search for Resources by Availability or Role 


Assess your capacity to perform work and make scheduling changes even faster. 

Simply go to the resource roster, select the dates you need, search for the role you need to fill, and see who's available. 

Now you won't have to put down the phone to understand if you can take on a job!


Designate Supervisors from Timeline View 


You no longer need to go through the Projects page to designate a worker as a supervisor. 

See who's the supervisor for a job directly on the Scheduler, and designate them in a click.  These workers will get access to the Site Diary and Crew Timesheets, ensuring you get the job site data you need. You can revoke this designation just as fast. 

Configure which roles have access to the Site Diary (and Supervisor designation) using the Roles page. 


Jobsite Documents in the App 

2-Branded (1).png

Now, documents attached to a Project will populate in every new job you schedule. Assigned workers will be able to view these documents all in one place when they're onsite using the app. 

You'll no longer need to attach the same documents over and over! Just click which documents you want to show up in the Daily Log when you create the work order. 


What's New in Integrations  

Introducing Our Latest Integration!


Pull in your job data from MYOB Advanced, track time in Assignar, and send timesheet data back automatically. Get more accurate insight into your costs, without needing to enter anything in. Learn how to set this up, here


Overtime Hours In Acumatica 


When overtime hours are triggered in Assignar, these pay rates will sync into Acumatica via the integration. 


Account Codes in Xero 


Get consistent and up-to-date project-based tracking when account codes in Assignar flow into Xero. 



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