Legacy: Working Offline in the Assignar Mobile App

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When you're working on site with little or no mobile reception, you can still use parts of the Assignar Mobile App offline. 


We recommend to turn on offline mode BEFORE you get to site

If you know you are going on site with poor or patchy reception, you should turn on offline mode BEFORE you get to site. This will make sure that when you get to site, you will have all your Assignments and Forms loaded reliably on your phone.


To turn on offline mode, just tap Go Offline from the home screen.





When your app loses internet connection, you will automatically go into offline mode

Though, you may not have access to all your necessary Assignments or Forms! 


What can I do whilst offline? (as a legacy Timesheets or Allocations user)

When you are offline and using either the legacy Timesheets or Allocation part of the Assignar Mobile App, you can:

  • Confirm, decline and view your Assignments.
  • Create and complete Timesheets
  • Create and complete Forms (except Collaborative Forms)
  • Create and complete your Dockets

Any Timesheet, Form or Docket that you complete offline will be saved onto your device and will be synced back online once you open the app with better reception.

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