Adding Documents to an Order

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In this article, you'll learn 2 ways to attach documents to an order so that they're available to workers through the Assignar Mobile App.

Attaching Documents

Attach Documents Directly to an Order

If you need to you can simply attach a document to an order you can drag from your computer's folders directly onto the order.  When you save the order this will become available as a part of the work package you send to your field staff.


Make Existing Project Documents Available on Orders

If you use Assignar Document Storage and Projects with multiple orders you can link documents from the project to orders and make them available with a single click.  The selected project documents will be available to field staff when viewing their work package.  If you want to revoke access to the documents simply uncheck the box and it will not longer be accessible in the field. *Requires minimum mobile version number of 8.10.1

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