Public API & Zapier Authentication Update

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Before you start

  • This article is for those who use Zapier for automated workflows and/or Assignar's public API
  • This is required before your account has been updated to our secure login (see: Q1 2024 Login & Security Update)


Before your account has been updated to our more secure login process (see: Q1 2024 Login & Security Update), you'll need to update how you authenticate your automations and integrations. 


Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will activate a new Request API Key and Secret function for specified users at your company. Once activated, the specified user must complete the following steps:

1. Log in to Assignar > select the Settings / API Access menu item. The Assignar API Access function will be available:

2. Generate a Client ID and Client Secret. Copy and store the resulting Client ID and Client Secret. 

Note: if an error is made, you can regenerate the Client ID and Client Secret. However, all Zapier workflow automations and integration code will have to be updated as well.

3. (For Zapier users only) If your company uses Zapier, update to the latest Assignar Zapier connections. The available updates will be shown in your Zapier account.

4. Authenticate in Zapier or through code with the Client ID and Client Secret moving forward. Zapier will require this information through a dialog. When you use the API for custom integrations, please ensure you authenticate using the new method illustrated in the image below.

For reference, this is the link to our API documentation

If you have any questions or need additional support, please open a Q1 2024 Security Update ticket. Our support team will be happy to assist you.

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