April 2024 Product Release

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Get Powerful Data Analysis

Our latest features help you make sense of the data you collect, process leave more effectively, and track time in more detail. 

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New Features in Reporting

New Forms Results BETA

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Unlock the power of your form data, streamline analysis, and improve decision-making.

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  • Form results presented in a table: View form responses categorized in a clear and organized table format for easy analysis.
  • Filter and sort results: Refine your analysis by filtering and sorting form results based on specific criteria.
  • View diverse data types: Explore various data types collected through forms, including images, files, signatures, and more.
  • Journal entries and question filtering: Add journal entries for further context and filter questions within specific groups for focused analysis.


New Features in Scheduling  


Leave Management

Leave Request Mobile - Notes_Branded_Marks.png

Give your planners more confidence, keep fieldworkers informed, and record leave accurately and easily so you can optimize scheduling and job readiness. 


  • Leave Requests in the Mobile App: Submit leave requests directly from the mobile app, ensuring your requests are always readily accessible. Learn more


New Features in the App 


Overlapping Activities in Timesheets


Ensure more accurate timesheets and pay with a more consistent app experience in time tracking.


  • Allow Overlapping Activities into a Single Timesheet: Group activities and breaks within the same timesheet on mobile for a more comprehensive overview.


Enhanced Cost Code Tracking

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Get a clearer view of job performance and easier billing and costing. 


  • Link Cost Code (Activities) to Chargeable Items in Site Diary: Easily associate cost codes with specific activities under Chargeable Items, Activities, or through the Site Diary Overview.

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