Sage Integration Configuration and Authentication

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In this article, you will configure settings in the Sage Intacct product and in Assignar. You will not turn on the workflows at this point.


Enable the Integration within Sage Intacct

  • Subscribe to Web Services from Sage Intacct
    1. Log into the Customer's Sage Intacct account using their credentials
    2. Navigate to Company > Subscriptions
    3. Activate ‘Web Services’   




    • Subscribe to the Construction Module
      1. Navigate to: Company > Subscriptions
      2. Activate 'Construction'



    • Add Sender ID
      1. Navigate to: Company > Company Info
        • If you do not have the ability to select Company Info, you'll need to make yourself and Admin by following the steps below:
          • Navigate to Company > Admin > Users
          • Find the user you are logged in as, and select Edit
          • Select the Roles Information tab
          • Select the + button and Select the cell under Roll Name
          • Select Administrator and Save changes
      2. Click EDIT
      3. Click on the ‘Security’ tab
      4. Go to the section labeled “Web Services authorizations” and add the Sender ID “AssignarMPP”
      5. Select the save button in the modal, and then again in the upper right hand corner of the main screen after the modal has been dismissed.
      6. Ensure the Status is 'Active'



  • Create a Role within Sage
      1. Navigate to: Company > Roles
      2. Select: ADD
      3. Input a ‘Name’
        • Name it: Integration Role
      4. Select: SAVE
      5. Add the following subscriptions & permissions(in parenthesis):
        • Company (Read Only)
        • General Ledger (Read Only)
        • Accounts Receivable (Read Only)
        • Jobs (Read only)
        • Time & Expenses (All Permissions)
        • Inventory Control (Read Only)
        • Order Entry (Read Only)
      6. Note that the only permission above that has write access is Time & Expenses, that is because the only information that Assignar writes to Sage is timesheets. All other information can only flow from Sage into Assignar.
      7. Select: SAVE


    • Create a Web Services User And Assign to a Role (for API Access)
      1. Navigate to: Company > Web Service User
      2. Select: ADD
      3. Input values for the following fields
        • User ID
          • Choose something intuitive here, like AssignarIntegration
        • Last name
          • This is a web service user not a human user, so you can define the last name as: Assignar
        • First name
          • This is a web service user not a human user, so you can define the first name as: Integration
        • Email address
          • This is a web service user not a human user, this field is required but not used for anything. You can put any email here, i.e.
        • Set the User Type to: Business User
        • Click SAVE Create the role
      4. Open the tab titled: Roles Information and select the Role created in the prior step.



Initial integration set up in Assignar

      1. Log into Assignar using the credentials for the account that you wish to integrate with Sage Intacct.
      2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations
      3. On the Sage Intact card, select "Setup"
      4. Now select (Authenticate) and have the client enter their Assignar User Credentials
      5. Now select Next
      6. Enter the user's Sage Intacct (Web Service User) Entity ID and primary timezone
        • The Entity ID is the Web Service User ID created in Sage Intacct (AssignarIntegration)
        • You can find this ID by
          • log into Sage and navigating to: Company > Web Service User
          • Select the Web Service User that you've created and copy the User ID
        • Go back to the Integration Setup Overview article for next steps



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