Tracking Worker Leave

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In this article you will learn all about how workers can submit requests for leave / time off from our mobile application and how those requests can be processed (approved/declined) by office staff.  Learn how our leave tracking system helps schedulers plan worker assignments more efficiently.

To use our Leave Management Feature, your fieldworkers must use mobile version 8.11.5 or higher.

Leave Management App Settings

Tracking leave in our mobile application can be enabled/disabled in Settings -> View/Edit Settings.  If you'd like to turn off your workers' ability to submit leave requests in the Mobile App, set "Leave Requests Read Only" to Yes.  If you'd like workers to submit requests, the setting should be set to No.

Leave Management Permissions 

Web app users can be granted access to view/process leave requests by toggling the Leave Requests access control to ON.  If you'd like a web app user to only see those Leave Requests assigned to them, set Leave Requests to ON, then under the Restrict Access Section set Assigned Leave Requests Only to ON.

Managing Leave Types

Assignar includes 4 default Leave Types which can be modified.  If the user the Manage Payroll permission enabled they will be able to configure custom Leave Types that will be available when adding Leave Request Records.  To Manage Leave Types, navigate to Settings -> Payroll & Accounting and choose the Leave Types tab.  You can create new Leave Types, edit existing or archive from this page.  Archiving a Leave Type will not modify past requests but it will no longer be available for new Leave Requests.  To un-archive a leave type, toggle between active and archived, choose the leave type and select un-archive.

Submitting & Viewing Leave on the Mobile App

Mobile App users can access their Leave Requests by clicking on their profile in the upper right corner of the application then tapping Leave Requests.  The user can view Upcoming Leave requests or click Previous to see your past requests. By tapping the blue "+" button in the lower right corner the user can create a new leave request.  The user can choose their start and end date, the Leave Type, leave comments and an attachment as required.  New requests will automatically enter the Pending status to be actioned by office staff.


Viewing and Processing Leave in the Web Application

In the web application users with Leave Requests permission (see above) will be able to access the Leave Requests by clicking Work Planning -> Leave Requests in the left hand navigation panel. On Leave Requests page you will be able to see all leave requests.  You can sort this page and search by employee or type of leave.  Clicking on a row will open the leave request where office staff can approve or decline the request. The office staff can also provide feedback on the request that the worker will see.

Searching, Filtering & Exporting Leave Request Records

From the Leave Requests page you can search by worker name or leave type as well as apply a filter by date to find relevant requests.  If you need to extract Leave Request records from the system, simply hit Export to retrieve a CSV with all of the records that meet your search & filter criteria.

Adding Leave Requests for a Worker from the Web Application

If a web application user has the right access they can submit leave dates on behalf of a worker.  Simply click the + Leave Request button and complete the form.  Leave dates added here can be set to approved when adding.

Planning Worker Assignments with Leave Requests Enabled

If a worker has been previously scheduled and a Leave Request is submitted by them or on their behalf, you will have an alert on your Timeline that they're not available to work, this signal will prompt the scheduler to remove them from the shift and replace them with a qualified and available worker.  Also, on the Resources Calendar view the day will appear grayed out so you can see the worker is unavailable.  

Additionally, workers with leave requests that are either Pending or Approved will not be recommended for shifts that conflict with those leave dates.  If you want to learn more about why they are not recommended tap their card to see the reason the Timeline is not recommending them.

Questions & Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback on Leave Request management features please drop us a line a

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