May 2024 Product Updates

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Leave Management Upgrades 

  • Customize Leave Types
    • Add your own leave types to map to your HR & Payroll processes.
    • Include a name and a code for easy mapping.
  • Filtering
    • Improved date filtering to quickly see who is scheduled to be off today or next week.
    • Filter by date before exporting so the right data can get synced to you other systems.
  • Export
    • Export your leave requests with a click.
    • Get a csv with the information you need to make sure your work force is compensated correctly.

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Updates to the New Forms Page

May2024_Product Release_Favorite Items_1.png

  • Saved Views
    • See what you need to fast by saving views when analyzing form results.
  •  Unified Form Results
    • All form results are consolidated on the New Form Results Beta page for easy access.
  • PDF Downloads
    • Download form results as PDFs directly from the New Form Results Beta page.
  • CSV Export
    • Export form results to CSV format, enabling deeper analysis.
    • Note: CSV exports currently exclude signatures, images, attachments, or multi-response questions.


Enhanced UI in Web Timesheets 

May2024_Product Release_1.png

  • Adding time on the web platform is now more intuitive and straightforward.
    • Enjoy a consistent experience between desktop and mobile for timesheet entries.
    • Updated interface for improved usability.
  •  Seamless Activity and Break Management
    • Add activities and breaks to timesheets without worrying about overlapping times.
    • Effortlessly edit start and end times of activities for accurate reporting.


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