Activity Progress Tracking

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View the progress for each individual activity within an order


Progress Bar Chart

Progress is reported each day within site diaries for each specific activity that was worked on, and the bar chart shows the cumulative progress and labor hours for each activity.


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If an activity has units but no quantity has been assigned at the order level, then you will see the labor hours and quantity reported against this activity, but there will be no progress bar. If units have not been set for the activity, then progress quantity cannot be logged against the activity in site diaries; you will only see labor hours for this activity on the progress screen.


Progress Log

Selecting the bar chart for an activity will open up the log for that activity. This shows all of the individual site diary progress entries for this activity. Selecting date for any entry will link out to the site diary where this entry was created, you can also view images that were uploaded with the site diary progress update.

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