Adding Budgeted Quantities

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To track progress, you will need to add budgeted quantities to all of the activities on the order. 


Add Units to Activities

Before adding a quantity to an activity within an order, you'll first need to assign units to your activities. From the left hand navigation, select Work Planning, then Activities.

From this page, ensure that all of your desired activities have units assigned (see the Unit column). If an activity doesn't yet have units, open the activity by selecting the Name of the activity, and then input the quantity in the Unit field (for example feet, meters, pounds, kgs...)


Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 12.17.32 PM.png


Add Activities and Quantities to Orders

Create an order from the Scheduler page (Add New Order button in the upper right hand corner) to add activities with quantities to orders. If you create an order from the Orders page, you'll need to edit the order from the Scheduler page in order to add activities with quantities. Find your desired order, select the ellipses, then select Edit Order. This screen now allows you to add specific activities to the order.


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On the right side of the screen, select the Activities tab. Select the activities that are part of this order, then add a completion quantity for each of them. For example, if the order requires 10 cubic yards to be excavated, then add the Excavation activity and input a quantity of 10.

If you don't add a target quantity here, the site supervisor can still report progress against this activity, but Assignar will not be able to display the percent progress toward completion on the Order Progress page.


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