Recommended Workers and Equipment

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When you're allocating workers and equipment in the Scheduler Timeline view, Assignar shows these resources in two groups: Recommended and Other.

Recommended resources meet both the Compliance and Availability constraints, as described below.

Compliance constraint for Workers

A worker can be considered compliant based on either Skills and Competencies, or by direct association with the Role.

If a worker is linked to the role, as described in Role-Based Scheduling, then they meet the compliance constraint and can be added to the Recommended list.

Otherwise, a worker must have current competencies that are:

  • Required to fulfil the Role's required Skills, plus

  • Any competencies required for the client, if set, plus

  • Any competencies required for the project, if set.

Compliance Constraint for Assets

An asset can be considered compliant for the role if it is directly linked to the role. If no assets are linked to the role, then all assets are considered compliant.

Compliance Constrained for Asset Operators

When you are allocating an Asset Operator, these workers are considered compliant if they are:

  • Linked to the selected Asset, or

  • Linked to the Role, or

  • Have the appropriate Skills to operate the selected asset.

Availability Constraint for all Resources

Resources are considered available to work a shift if:

  • They are not already allocated to a shift that overlaps the selected shift.

    • A resource allocated for a shift that ends at 5pm is considered available for a shift that starts at 5pm the same day.

  • For workers, not marked on leave.

  • For workers, not marked as unavailable to work the selected day.

  • If a shift goes past midnight then both the starting and ending day are considered for the above constraints.


  1. Workers missing an Induction will still be recommended. The missing induction will be noted by the yellow warning triangle next to the worker, to remind you that they should complete the induction when they arrive at work.

  2. Recommendations based on Suppliers linked to the order, are not yet supported in the Timeline.

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