Track Expenses in Site Diary (with Chargeable Items)

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If you need to record any additional expenses related to your job (e.g. materials, float fees or charges for plant hire), you can add them to your Site Diary using Chargeable Items. 



How to add Chargeable Items to your Site Diary

  1. From Site Diary Overview, tap +Add Chargeable Item
  2. Select a Chargeable Item
  3. Add required information about the Item.
  4. Optionally, upload a Docket.
  5. Save

Add Chargeable Item.png


Can't find the right Chargeable Item to add?

If you can't find the right Chargeable Item to add to your Site Diary, let your Admin know, so they can set this up for you.

Note for admins: You can learn how to set this up here

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