Add a Worker's Time in Site Diary

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Did a worker turn up to work when they weren't scheduled to come in? Or did one of your workers forget to submit their Timesheet? As a Supervisor, you'll be able to add their Timesheet on their behalf in Site Diary.


How to add a Worker's Timesheet to your Site Diary

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  1. From the Timesheets page, tap the button.
  2. Select the Worker and their Role
  3. Add their Activities and Breaks
  4. Optionally, add Allowances and Comment
  5. Save

A Timesheet will then be created for your worker. We'll submit the Timesheet once you’ve submitted your Site Diary.


Your worker is able to view their new Timesheet in Daily Log

Your worker should now be able to see their own Timesheet in Daily Log. However, they won’t be able to make edits or override any changes you've made. If they notice a mistake in their Timesheet, they'll need to raise it with you or Payroll.

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