Set Up Automatic Breaks in Timesheet

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Who can set up this feature

  • Dashboard Users with access to Settings in the Assignar Web App
  • Those who work in planning, scheduling, or interact with inbound information from the jobsite
  • Make sure your workers have updated their Assignar Mobile App to the latest version (min. v8.10+)
  • This feature works in both Daily Log (except Check In/Check out) and Site Diary. 


Make it easy for your workers to submit Timesheets with a break using our Auto-Add Break feature. This feature removes the need to manually tap the Add Break button as we'll automatically insert one into their Timesheet for them. 

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To set this up, go to App Settings on the Settings page

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Set the default break duration

Use the setting below to set how long you want the default break to be. For example, you can set '30' to insert a 30 min break into a Timesheet.


Next, turn the Auto-add Break to Timesheet setting on and save.


Done! The next time your workers create a Timesheet, a break will automatically be inserted into their Timesheet.

Auto Breaks.png


Some important notes

  • If a worker is assigned to a shift longer than 5 hours, a break will automatically be added to their Timesheet. Automatic Breaks are not added if a shift is fewer than 5 hours.
  • Pro tip: If you want your workers to quickly create a loose Timesheet with a Break automatically inserted, you can set the default timesheet time by changing the setting below. This means that the next time a worker adds a loose timesheet from the Assignar Mobile App, the timesheet will be defaulted to 7:00AM - 5:00PM with a 30min break in the middle. 


  • This feature works in both Daily Log (except Check In/Check out) and Site Diary. 

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