Searching for Resources

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In this article you will learn how to search your list of resources on the schedule to make sure you have the right worker or equipment available for the right job.

Searching Resources

When you are on the Scheduler Timeline, the resources panel on the right hand side allows you to refine your search for workers or equipment.

  • Text Search
    • Simply type in the workers first/last name or the name of a piece of equipment and you will be able to quickly find a specific resource.
  • Tag Search
    • If you've applied tags to workers or equipment, select a tag from your list to find workers/equipment that have that tag applied.
  • Role Search
    • If you've applied roles to your resources they will be returned when you select a role.  Ex. If you select your foreman role you'll see all workers you've tied to that role.
  • Availability Search
    • The availability search feature enables you to find workers/equipment that are available on a specific day or a range of days. This is helpful when you get a request for work and need to quickly assess which people and machines are available.  This feature doesn't make you create a job just to see who is available.  PRO TIP: Use this filter in combination with a role search to see if you can do a specific type of work on a specific day.

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