Minimum & Recommended Mobile Device Specifications

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Who this article is for

  • Mobile App Users
  • Make sure you've updated your Assignar Mobile App to the latest version (min. v8.10+)

About Specifications

This article outlines the required and recommended specifications needed to use the Assignar Mobile App.

  • Minimum specifications are those necessary to use the Assignar Mobile App
  • Recommended specifications are not required but provide optimal user experience


Operating System

  • iOS
    • Minimum: iOS 14
    • Recommended: latest available version
  • Android
    • Minimum: Android 11
    • Recommended: latest available version
      • Note: custom skins may affect the app

Memory (RAM)

  • Minimum: 4GB
  • Recommended: 6GB or more


  • Minimum: 64GB
  • Recommended: 128GB or more


  • iOS
    • Minimum: Apple A12
    • Recommended: anything faster than minimum
  • Android
    • Minimum: Octa-core 2.0 GHZ
    • Recommended: anything faster than minimum

Screen Size

  • Minimum: n/a
  • Recommended: 5.5 inches or larger


  • Minimum: n/a
  • Recommended: 12MP or higher with autofocus


  • Cellular
    • Minimum: 4G LTE
    • Recommended: 5G LTE
  • WiFi
    • Minimum: 802.11ac
    • Recommended: anything newer than minimum


  • Minimum: n/a
  • Recommended: 3,000 mAh or higher (for all-day usage)

Recommended Devices

  • iOS
    • iPhone XR or newer
  • Android
    • Samsung Galaxy A52 or newer
    • Google Pixel 4a 5G or newer
    • OnePlus Nord or newer

Best Practices

  • Bandwidth Considerations
    • In WiFi coverage, ensure a connection with at least 10 Mbps for optimal uploads. Try to use networks that do not have data restrictions or throttling.
    • If WiFi is unavailable, be mindful of your cellular provider's data charges and speed limitations.
  • Limitations on Form Length
    • For optimal form submission, avoid creating forms with more than 50 questions. For longer forms, consider splitting them into separate, interconnected forms.
  • Photo Uploads
    • Limit the number of allowable photo uploads per question to avoid overwhelming device storage and ensure smoother form submission. We recommend allowing no more than 5 photos per question.


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