Navigating the Mobile Home Screen

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Before you start you should know

  • The Assignar Mobile App works on iOS and Android (view minimum requirements)
  • Make sure you've updated your Assignar Mobile App to the latest version (min. 9.0.0+)
  • If you cannot log in, please reach out to your admin
  • This article is also available in Spanish here


Workers and Supervisors, easily access your daily job assignments and see everything you need to plan ahead and begin work. With just one tap, you can:


🌟 Quickly access your assignment details

📍 Navigate to your job location

🕒 Enter your time (and your crew's time for Supervisors)

📝 Submit required forms



After logging into the Assignar Mobile App, see your scheduled assignments for that particular day. Important job details are easily accessible from the assignment card and may include:

  • Location and Address
  • Shift Time
  • Assigned Role
  • Order Name
  • Required Forms *must be completed before submitting Timesheet and Site Diary

By tapping see more you are taken to My Assignment which highlights everything you need to know about your job for the day.




Tracking Time, Materials, and Equipment

Workers and Supervisors, you can track time through:

  • Timesheet: Used by workers who are responsible for tracking their own time, equipment/assets, and allowances.
  • Site Diary: Used by Supervisors who are responsible for tracking time for themselves and their crew, tracking progress, and adding chargeable items.
  • Check in: Used in place of Timesheet for those using check-in / check-out for time tracking.

Status Indicators

  •  Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 2.25.38 PM.png indicates the item has not been started. Option to get started!
  •  Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 2.25.26 PM.png indicates the item is pending submission. Still in-progress!
  •  Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 2.25.32 PM.png indicates the item is submitted. Ready for the office!

Screen Tips

  • Swipe left and right on your screen to view past and future assignments.
  • Pull down on your screen to refresh and see the latest updates.
  • For unscheduled work, tap the blue plus button in the bottom right corner to add a Timesheet.
  • Tap the menu icon in the top left corner to access additional features and to go offline.

Additional Menu Options

The menu contains more items needed to complete your work.

Note: you may not see everything shown in the image below depending on which features your company uses.

  • My Items: View documents and equipment that you have been assigned to.
  • Dockets (Tickets): Submit Dockets for Client sign-off.
  • Forms: Submit Forms. You can also submit Forms from Daily Log.



Manage Your Profile

To access your profile, tap your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.


From here you can:

  • Upload a profile photo
  • Update personal information
  • Request qualifications (competencies) and orientations (inductions)
  • Check your app version
  • Reset the app
  • Log out



Recommended Settings

Keep your mobile app up to date

We recommend turning on Automatic Updates so that you always have the latest version.  You can check your application version under your profile.


Turn on Location Services

This will help ensure that data from the field is captured in the right location. Your admin may also require you to turn Location Services on.


Access to Photo Gallery

Giving Assignar access to your photo gallery is also important, so you can quickly post photos of job site progress or a safety issue.


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