Online Inductions with Assignar

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Inductions are required for any new employee or are sometimes a requirement for a project you're about to start. No need to waste time and paper with inductions, when it can be done digitally in Assignar. Here is the workflow of an online induction: 

There are a few important steps you need to take to ensure you are set up for success with Assignar and Inductions 

  1. Record your induction presentation and upload it online.
    We suggest recording your presentation and uploading it via a secure link online. This will allow for you workers to view, what you would normally present a face to face induction. 

  2. Upload your company policies or important induction documentation to Assignar.
    Use our documents module to upload company and induction specific documents that the worker needs to read as part of your induction process. You can use the secure URL web link that every document you upload has and embed it into the form so the worker can access it. Alternatively, you can make the document public so the worker can view it in the app under My Items My Documents. 

  3. Set up custom Form Statuses
    Create custom form statuses that are specific to this process. We suggest you set up one called Review for status on submit and once you've reviewed the form result and it's been completed correctly called Passed or Approved

  4. Build out an induction questionnaire in our form builder
    Use the form builder to build out your induction questionnaire. If you get stuck with how to best build, jump on our support chat with our team on how to best build it. 

  5. Create Induction
    Add the induction to the induction list, this is so you can add it to the user's profile once they have completed and passed the online induction. 

Once you have set up these key elements set up in Assignar, it’s time to put it into action. 

  1. Have your worker sign into the Fieldworker App 

  2. Go to Forms Online Induction Form 

  3. Have them complete the form and submit 

  4. Review form result and change status to Passed 

  5. Go into the Fieldworkers profile and add the induction to their profile. 

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