Working Offline in the Assignar Mobile App

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Before you start you should know

  • This article is useful for Daily Log users. If you are an Allocations / Timesheets user in the Assignar Mobile App, read this article.
  • Make sure you update your Assignar Mobile App frequently to get the latest updates.


When you're working on site with little to no signal, you can still use parts of the Assignar Mobile App offline. 


We recommend turning on offline mode BEFORE you get to site

If you know you're going on site with poor reception, you should turn on offline mode BEFORE you get to site. This will make sure you have all your important information loaded reliably on your device before getting on-site.

Simply, tap Go Offline from the home screen.





When your app loses internet connection, you'll automatically go into offline mode

If you don't tap the Go Offline button above, you may not have access to the most up-to-date information that you need to work offline. Tapping the Go Offline button above will guarantee that you'll have the latest data on your device.


What can I do whilst offline?

  • View your Assignments (+/- 7 days)
  • Complete Timesheets
  • Complete Forms (except Collaborative Forms)
  • Complete Dockets (not part of an Assignment)

Anything you create offline will be saved to your device, so you can keep using the app and make edits without an internet connection. Once you open the app with better reception, we'll sync this data back.


What do I do when I see an error?

Offline Error.png


When you see an error like above, tap the banner to see more details about the error. From here you can either tap into the failed item and attempt to fix the problem or discard it to start again.

Not using Daily Log? And using the Allocations and Timesheets module instead? Check out this article to learn about its offline capabilities.

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